Untitled Series in Development, Radical Media

Year Million, A National Geographic Series 

COOKED, A Netflix Original Documentary Series, Jigsaw Productions 

Whitey: United States of America v. James J. Bulger 

Radical Media Wrote various documentary treatments for Nat Geo, Discovery ID, among others; Iconoclasts Series on The Sundance Channel; Vogue/Wired YouTube Channels; Short Film for the Democratic National Convention

Untitled MMA Documentary, In Development


Untitled Short Documentary, In production - Coming Soon

HeartMob, Hollaback’s Anti-Cyber Bullying Campaign 

The Atlantic Magazine presents Community Health - Doc Web Series 

Market Fresh - Apotheke Academy Lifestyle Spot 

Bushwick Mural Project funded by NYFA 

Brainpickin' Documentary Web Series 

Cloudbreak Media – Clients include The Yankees & Isaac Mizrahi 

Traif - A short documentary about an Orthodox Jewish Hipster 

ArgenChino – A short documentary about the Chinese population in Buenos Aires, Argentina


Bilingual Journalist (Spanish & English) - Wicked BA Magazine, Buenos Aires

Graduate Degree in Documentary Film - The New School

University of California, Davis - Bachelor of Arts - Double Major - English & Film Studies

Production Manager - Various music videos – Dignity & Shame

Production Coordinator - Mob Scene Creative + Productions



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